Sunday, 1 May 2011

Curly hair

Jack generally doesn't eat the crusts of his bread. He insists that he doesn't like the crusts, but it seems to depend mostly on what kind of mood he's in, or how hungry he is.

Today he left the crusts of his bread and some pieces of cheese.

I don't want to eat my cheese today.
Eat the rest of your bread then.
I don't want curly hair so I'm not going to eat my crusts.

Jack is very protective about his hair. He likes it dry and blonde. He's not happy about it having darkened quite a lot over the last year. He also likes it flat, no hair gel or any other types of manipulation. Not to short either, he doesn't like the possibility that the barber might leave him bald. And apparently he likes his wavy curls just the way they are.

It would seem that somewhere along the way he's heard that crusts make your hair curly... Nanny comes to mind... We learned a long time ago that you've got to be pretty careful about what of these 'wives tales' you tell Jack. He's got a tenancy to take them a little seriously. I'd be interested to know exactly how long ago he heard this one, I bet I could match it to the day he stopped liking crusts.

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