Sunday, 24 April 2011

Jack's Secret Place.

With the uncharacteristically tropical weather we've had in the UK lately I've been varying the dog walking locations a little to facilitate Jack taking his scooter. He likes riding his scooter and is always asking to take it with us on walks. The more urban setting of the footpaths around our neighborhood makes for good scooting.

A about half-way along the walk there's a section that Jack informs me is secret. In fact it's his secret place.

Jack built this secret place himself, after he came into a bunch of money from some work he did years ago. He thought it would be a good idea to build it here so we could walk the dogs to it.

This is the secret path to the secret place. He made it just for us, though it wasn't easy to make so there are a couple of steep and slippery bits.
He put the steps in because of all the steep and slippery bits a few yards back. They work much better.
This is the pond, Jack is not happy with how it turned out, as you can see there's waaay too much water. Apparently Jack only asked for 50 waters but there was some sort of administration error was given 100,000. He only wanted a little pond and just look at it, does that look little to you? Thankfully they didn't charge him for the extra 99,950 waters, he only paid the upfront agreed amount of £100,000. Which is good because that's apparently all there was in the water budget.
This is the angry goose, the one on the right. As soon as he sees us he drops his head and slowly glides over to us to hiss, even from the other side of the pond. He wasn't part of Jack's design... I don't think.
Jack put this bench here just for me and him. No mommies... It's strategically placed so we can sit on it at the exact moment when we get tired of walking.
He put this bridge in so we can get out. There's supposed to be a river under it, but it's not a very good because it's not got enough water.

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