Daddy, if you knock me off the bed, and I cry. I'm gonna pound ya.

Jack: Daddy *gasp* *cough* I need a drink.
Me: Oh no. - I run to the kitchen -
Jack: - as I'm running. Poppy... I'm not gonna make it... If I don't make it. Don't lick my face because you might have been eating poo.

16-01-2011 - Coincidentally a Sunday.
C'mon Daddy, c'mon. What are you waiting for a post?
Yes, I'm waiting for a post.
But Daddy, there isn't any post coming today.

Mommy has been a good girl all year, except when she was shouting at me for being naughty.

Daddy! Daddy! I'm missing Spongebob!
Don't worry, we can rewind it.  
Aw but it's just not the same.

Monsters aren't real, but they can still eat you.


"I'm feeling all cancobulated this morning."

"I scream when I'm flat. I scream, "I'M FLAT I'M FLAT!"

"Daddy feel my finger... See? It feels all hurty doesn't it."

"No one can eat me because I've got too many bones."

"Sometimes you just have to get naked."

"Turn off that Rockin' music, it's making my body all rockin.'"

Jack is going to be a transformer when he grows up.

Jack doesn't taste like chicken, he tastes like Jack slobber.

"There's something wrong with my brain... It felt slobbery."

"Daddy can you help me get these last bits of yoghurt so then I can steal your chair?"
Today he stated that he's ready to rock and roll.

Today Jack told me to 'Make like an Ant' so he could ride on my back.

"Ceilings don't cry."

"My eye feels tangled."

"I'm just going to sit here on the step and wait 'til I'm better."