I'm now officially an iPhone app developer.

Presenting my latest creation, Cleverlist. This is a shopping list app that I wrote for my wife. She designed the interface and everything else and I developed it. This app learns your shopping habits and tries to predict what item in the store you're going to arrive at next. The more you use this app, the more accurate it becomes. 

Did you realise that you could be in danger right now, if there was only some way to find out. Well now there is. Announcing the release of my third app, the Danger Meter.

It uses real statistics as well as some things that I just made up to tell you just how much danger you're in. Think of the applications, first off your safety, if you know how much danger you're in then you can plan accordingly.

Or just when you need an excuse to leave. "Sorry gotta go, I'm in danger."

You can verify certain claims made by your psychic.

The possabilities are endless.

The second item is iOverlay.
An overlay app has been on my mind for some time. Even as a minor sufferer of Irlen Syndrome it can be irritating at times to not have some sort of visual stress relief with you. So knowing that I'm never without my phone, and it's got a perfectly functional camera and retina display screen it only seemed natural that I could use it and I've got to say, it works better than I'd hoped.

The first item in my portfolio is Eccleshall-Guide.
Eccleshall-Guide is quite simply an app version of the existing printed Eccleshall Guide found at I spent the summer teaching myself to program for iOS and this is my first app. There are already a number of changes I plan to make in the first update but so far but nothing major.

The Eccleshall-Guide app can be found in iTunes at

If you're interested in having an app created, or learning a little bit about iOS development get in touch.