Thursday, 9 May 2013

Smart O

Jack regularly comes home from school with homework. Sometimes it's a class thing like find an egg shell or bring in a picture and write a little about something you did on holiday. Sometimes it's just something that Jack just wants to do so it can take it back to school and blow their minds.

This morning Jack mentioned that he needed smart O words. These are words in which the O is its hard sound without the assistance of another vowel in the word. So immediately Helen and I gave him a list. Old, gold, cold, bold and so on. The biggest one I could come up with that behold, which he was excited about because no one else would ever think of that work. Helen took a different direction and thought up colt and bolt which opened up a whole new array of possibilities.

We had Jack write down a list of smart O words and take it into school for them to be written up on the window where these type of exercises go. Helen took Jack to school with his list in tow, he'd be the smartest and most productive kid in class today for sure.

When I went to pick up Jack from school I made sure to take a look at the window. Sure enough, Jack's entire list was posted, with behold written a little extra large. I was so proud because none of the new words I'd thought of during the day were up there.

I love Jack's homework.