Sunday, 3 April 2011

No kissing.

Amber-leigh has lied to him. He was carrying on about much of the afternoon. Jack really likes Amber-leigh so it was unusual that he had anything negative to say about her. She plays with him at school a lot and she doesn't live very far from us so we see her around the neighborhood quite a bit.
Jack attended her birthday party a few months back. It as one of the most highly anticipated events of the year.
He insisted on making her a valentines card, where he didn't make one for anyone else. Several of the boys in school presented her with cards on Valentines day but she only had one for Jack. It must be love.

She said it was just going to be one kiss, but, suddenly another one.

It would seem Amber-leigh has been kissing Jack. When he objects she convinces him by saying it's only going to be one, then using that as an open invitation. Not only does she kiss him more than the previously agree amount but she also insists on kissing him on the lips. This annoys him a great deal.

Kissing on the lips is just for Mommies.

Helen has explained to him that one day, when he's bigger, he'll enjoy kissing girls to which Jack replied,
I'm not going to be bigger for a long long time am I?

Just keep the door open and one foot on the ground.

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