Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Broken Friend

Jack lives for toys. Much of his time is spend pining for new toys that he can discover.

Like most kids the novelty of a new toy never lasts long. After anywhere from a few days to a few minutes he will return to a select few, often never touching the new toy again.

The top of his toy hierarchy has been the little robot action figure that Jack has named Stormtrooper. This toy has seen nearly as much travel as Dylan, it's taken everywhere including baths and bed.

Stormtrooper is an amazing toy, he's super fast, can fly, breath underwater, shoot lasers and other projectiles from his hands and elbows. Jack considered him a close friend. He's unbeatable and indestructible... Or so we hoped.

One day Stormtrooper's leg just broke off. It was no fault of Jack's, this toy came from the charity shop, so it was old when he got it. Normally I've been able to fix pretty much any toy, a gift I inherited from my mother, but I just can't get any glue to adhere to this thing.

It was truly heartbreaking when Jack realised that Stormtrooper wasn't fixable. We tried to tell him that even with only one leg he could still be a great toy but Jack wouldn't have it. Stormtrooper wouldn't be happy with just one leg. After an emotional debate Jack, sobbing, gently carried Stormtrooper over to the bin and dropped him in. He cried and cried and said a heartfelt goodbye to his favorite toy.

The next day Jack managed to twist the arm off another toy, Ultimate Echo Echo. He took this a lot better and I was able to fix it, to a degree. Silicon compounds don't repair well but his arm is re attached. Even still that toy is easily replaceable and Jack doesn't seem to care.

Jack still thinks about Stormtrooper. He spotted him the other day, we fetched him out of the bin, and wished that he was fixed.

I don't know where Stormtrooper came from, conceptually. I don't recognise from anywhere and I've not been able to find anything even close to baring a resemblance. There are no identifiers on him or even a product code or serial number. I'm keeping an eye out for a replacement and still trying to think of ways to fix him but I'm realistic. Stormtrooper and his leg have found his way into the people drawer and that's probably where he'll stay.

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