Sunday, 29 May 2011

Got work. Now off on holiday.

Helen is employed again. Yes it's been nearly 6 months since I said that I wasn't worried about her not being able to find a job... Oh well, we made it, just.

Being that she's got a job now, it's meant that the last two weeks, or at least the time in which we've not been scrambling to get her a new car, have suddenly become holiday time.

So off we went for a cheap week long stay at a camping site in Somerset.

It was an action packed week. Filled with soft play, theme parks, shopping, visiting old friends and lots of wind and rain.

One of the first things we did was go to a farm. One of low budget theme parks centered around a working farm, we go to lots of these. Jack held a ferret, pet a rabbit and a guinea pig.

He also got pecked by a chicken, burped at by a ram and bucked by a sheep. It was a rich full day. Luckily the angry sheep only managed to get Jack's forearm. I think Jack felt more betrayed than physically hurt. He was just trying to feed the one at the back.

We went to Wookey Hole as well. Unfortunately there were no actual Wookies there... but The Hulk was there... and King Kong. I'd say that these things make more sense if you're there... but I'd be wrong. Very little about Wookey Hole makes any sense at all but the cave is good.
Standing right across from the circus history exhibit... Nothing else Marvel, comic, or otherwise related in any way anywhere near it.
"Jack do you want a picture of you any the big monkey?"
"Oh. Ok then."
"It's not a monkey."
"It's not a monkey... It's a gorilla."

Jack also sat inside a tree for a while.
 We went to a regular low budget theme park a couple days later.

Jack's first solo ride on a rollercoaster

These are the duck family at the camp site. Helen caught one and the mother duck immediately
came raging toward her but urns out the mother duck was after the bread in Helen's hand
Since we were in the area we went Meghan hunting and actually found a Meghan and a Ewan as well. We managed to lure them with a Subway lunch. Jack loved seeing Meghan again and wants to visit her again soon.

So that's it, the end of our first summer holiday. It came on us all a bit sudden but we managed a good one. Starting Tuesday Helen is back at work.

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