Sunday, 22 May 2011

Ted the grouch

Ted lives primarily at Nanny's house. He's a teddy bear with a rainbow scarf, sure he looks cuddly and soft but there's trouble in them there stitches.

Ted just can't seem to get along with the other teddies. Particularly Lula the dog. Every time Jack brings Ted home for the night all we hear about is the trouble he causes. From the moment we get into the car it's...
Stop it. Hey! Be nice... I'll make you sit outside. Hey you stop it right now. Mommy!
Ted just punched Lula.
Tell him to behave.
Now Lula is crying.

Doing time at the bottom of the stairs.
On one visit Ted was behaving particularly aggressively all day long. Jack had threatened Ted a number of times saying that he wouldn't be allowed to go to bed with everyone at bed time. The hitting and biting continued. At bed time we asked Jack if Ted was going to bed with him and were not hugely surprised when we got a yes.
We tucked them all in and said goodnight.
As we sat downstairs we could hear Ted getting up to his usual tricks. There was hitting and crying and a couple of scoldings for about ten minutes before he called us in.
Come and get Ted please he's not being nice.
Not wanting to go back upstairs just at that moment we suggested that he just put Ted outside the door so we could collect him later.
No he made Lula cry. He punched her right in the eye.
Apparently being set outside the door just wasn't punishment enough for Ted. Jack insisted that we take him downstairs where he would be all alone for the whole night.

A couple days later as we went to bed we noticed Jack had shut his door, which is uncommon. Just outside the door Ted sat slumped on the floor.

I guess some teddies just ain't no good.

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