Sunday, 15 May 2011

Directional Snoring

Helen was out for the night leaving just Jack and myself at bed time. We went through the routine, read the story and everything when Jack suggested that we have a mini-sleepover. It's been quite a while since we had one so I agreed.

We lay side by side for a couple minutes set to our usual game of extreme snoring. I eventually rolled onto my side facing Jack, which apparently displeased him.
*huff* Now there's not enough room.
There's plenty of room. There really was.
No. No there's not. I've got to be on the other side.
Jack climbed out of bed and walked all the way around the bed to climb back in on the other side. This is quite a journey, there's not a lot of room and this particular night there were several hurdles of laundry. He struggled through it and climbed back into the bed on the other side, where there was significantly less room.
After Jack was comfortable the extreme snoring resumed until I roll over again to face him.
*sigh* I don't believe this. Out he climbed to make the perilous journey again. He climbed back in and I immediately rolled over to face him. He huffed again.
What's wrong with you?
You keep snoring at me. You're too loud.
But you're snoring too.
I'm not snoring like you, like this. He make some snoring sounds, presumably as loud as he could manage. Like that. Snore the other way. Snore over there.
Fine I will...  

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  1. bless it's good to be honest !at bed time as soon as tom has had enough of my reading to him he just yells "i want to go to sleep, get off my bed !"