Friday, 26 February 2010

Good Night from Scotland.

I work away from home for a week each month. I take a 4 hour train or plane journey up to Glasgow, spend my days training and my nights in a 3 star hotel for a week. It’s not so bad really, but it is quite lonely, so after work I head to the hotel where Helen and I set up a video chat. It gives me a chance to see and say goodnight to Jack before he heads to bed and I go out to dinner.

Normally I only get three or four sentances from Jack during the whole conversation. He’ll tell me what he’s eaten, and what he bought from the charity shop while at Nanny’s. Occasionally he’ll ask where I am and when I’m coming home. On Monday night he said, Daddy I want you to come home right this second. He was sad when I told explained to him that I wasn’t home until Thursday. That’s a really long time. After a few words he runs off to watch his cartoons or whatever, I just get to hear him wrecking the place in the background while Helen and I chat. When it’s bed/dinner time Helen beckons Jack back to say goodnight.

On Wednesday night this week we were going through the usual routine. Jack had wandered off to watch Ben10 and Helen and I were discussing my dinner plans. I was differing from my usual restaurant choice so I needed to leave a little bit earlier. I said goodbye to Helen after which Helen called Jack over to say goodnight. All I heard was a little voice somewhere in the back ground shout. GOODNIGHT DADDY! I was happy with this but Helen urged him to come in front of the camera so I can see him.

Helen: Come say goodnight properly Jack. Come here so Daddy can see you.

Jack: But I already… I heard a huff and running footsteps. Then a little face appeared briefly on my screen and somewhat curtly said, I already said goodnight. then disppeared again.

Good Night Jack.

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