Saturday, 6 March 2010

No doubt he's my child.

What have we done?

Entertaining Jack can be a challenge. He's got a short attention span and get's bored easily, but he is only 3. Both Helen an I pretty actively try to play games with him and keep him from relying solely on the TV for entertainment. We've got a few games that he likes to play, and as he's getting older its getting easier to find new things for him to do. We wrestle, sing, dance, chase and hide as often as we can.

Today however, aside from a hour dog-walking in the forest we've spent most of the day in front of the TV, mostly due to an array of visitors this morning. Jack was quite content watching Scooby-Doo 2 and Ben10 but it was clear that he was bored. One trick that Nanny has resorted to in the past is to let him help her play puzzle games on her Nintendo DS, so Helen got her's out and brought up the same game. After a few minutes of playing Jack asked for a different game. I don't like this game, it's just... Boring. So Helen scanned through her library of games and found one that he could play.

This has been Jack for the last twenty minutes... He hasn't made a sound, hasn't moved an inch. At the minute he's playing Crystal Balls, which is a mix between Tetris and Connect Four. If you ask him a question he answers with, if he answers at all, a mumbled, yes or no, or just uhn... But at least we have something in common.

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