Sunday, 7 February 2010

Bike riding.

Jack got a bike for Christmas, with the continuous raining, snowing and below freezing temperatures that we've had here in England since Christmas the bike has been parked in our hallway since it's short maiden voyage Christmas day. For the last couple of weeks Jack has been itching to ride it. He'd wake up and check the weather and say.

Aw, it's no good outside. It's never good outside. Stupid rainy weather.

Yesterday I promised Jack that even though the weather wasn't great, as long as it didn't deteriorate we'd try for a bike ride after we got back home from our errands. Jack kept and eye on the outside all day long and as soon as we stepped outside Jack tugged on my coat and said.

Daddy it's not raining look.

So we made some adjustments to the seat height and set off. All in all it went fairly well. We rode down down the street about a quarter mile and then back with him gabbing and giggling the entire way. He's ridden many vehicles before but this bike has a few features that he's not used to. He did well, he peddled, steered and braked, seemed to pick up the braking concept pretty quickly. He did fall over once when he drove off the curb, he wasn't happy but we got past it and he rode on. When we got home he enthusiastically told Helen all about it, how he went really fast and then fell off the hole and hurt his arm because he wasn't watching where he was going.

Before anyone anything I know he should have been wearing a helmet, I forgot it.

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