Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek had been the longest running favorite of the games Jack likes to play. He's always up for a quick game whatever the circumstance.

Playing Hide and Seek with Jack is not for the easily bored, Jack's hiding skills are a bit... underdeveloped. Jack used to hide in one of two places, his bed, or our bed. Helen or I would pretend to struggle finding him, during which Jack would often give subtle clues to his location such as "I'm in the bed." or something equally vague... When it was our turn to hide we would often get scolded for not hiding in either bed.

Over the... year... Jacks has got better at hiding, in that he doesn't so willingly proclaim his whereabouts, now we have to follow the sound of uncontrolled giggling, but we don't get told off any more. His choice of hideouts has expanded, the beds are still the favorites but there are at least three other places he will hide too. Just the other day I found him hiding behind the bedroom door with one of the robes pulled across him.

He's still much better at seeking, he struggles to locate something of which he doesn't already know the exact location on the best of days, so if we hide somewhere we've not hidden before he'll never find us. He's pretty easily distracted too, I've more than once been forgotten about.

But practice makes perfect, so no doubt by this time next year, with the amount of practice he gets in, Jack will be a world class Hide and Seeker. I love playing with him, it's nothing but giggles and strange phrases all the way through. It's a real insight to the way his mind works.

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