Saturday, 6 February 2010

The good old days.

This morning Jack needed to use the toilet, but couldn't because it was occupied. We have two toilets in the house, but anyone with young children knows that if the child says he needs the toilet, you're on borrowed time. In an attempt for a quick resolution Helen suggested that he use the potty which was only a yard away but Jack protested.

No Daddy hates the potty. Which is true, some months ago I explained to him that it was silly to use the potty instead of the toilet. During that conversation, I may have implied at that time that I hated the potty.

It's ok this time Jack just use the potty.
Ok. He dropped his trousers and got to work. It's nice using the potty again. Just like the good old days.

Jack has been thinking about the past a lot today. He reminisced about our trip to Scotland in September, according to him he was just a baby then. I was surprised at how much detail he could remember about that trip. He remembered that he went to the Zoo, and that he hurt himself on one of the playgrounds, I'm sure Helen will never for get him swan diving off the monkey bars. He remembered even that he'd purchased a Grabber on the way out, it was a little dinosaur head on a stick with trigger activated jaw action. He also remembered that it broke to pieces only a few days later.

I've often amazed at exactly how much memory he retains, he can tell you when and where each of his toys came from, and usually everything that happened or was said to him around the purchasing event. People always say that kids are like sponges. I think because as adults we remember so little of our young childhood with it being so long ago we forget that for someone who's life is just starting it's only just passed by.

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