Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sympathy Pains

A few days ago I crashed on my bicycle. I was lucky to come away with very minor injuries just a little less skin on one knee and elbow and some muscular strain. Unfortunately the muscular damage meant that I spend the evening and much of the next day half hobbling around the house and University.

Jack was very concerned and was glad that I wasn't badly hurt.

Since then Jack has been, shall we say, a little more delicate than usual. Any bump or bruise that would normally hurt for only a moment now comes with debilitating side effects. Any kind of collision resulted in 15 minutes or so of slowed laboured movement.

Today on the way home from school he tripped along a neighbour's garden wall, it's very low and brick so it scraped his knee a little. Jack limped home and upstairs to have it cleaned and dressed. Then he hobbled rigidly back downstairs and immobilised himself on the reclining sofa. All the while grunting and gasping and complaining about the stiff movement.

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