Sunday, 5 February 2012

Plush Names

Jack has quite an extensive plush toy collection. At a guess I'd say he had around fifty cuddly toys and counting, Jack's goal is to have one of every type of animal in the universe, he's nearly completed earth.

Most of them have names, some of which he came up with himself, others he got from other sources such as parents or tags. Many of the names he comes up with are what you would expect from an under five, Beary, Owly, Dragon, Scooby, Sad Dog and so on. All based on species or distinctive qualities, most just adding 'y' onto the end of the best describing noun.

Jack acquired an octopus some months ago that has received a lot of contact time. I'd go as far to say the octopus is in the top five favourites.

The problem is that octopae don't name well. Jack's usual level of creativity hasn't really been able to make much of a fit, Octy and Octoee, are awkward to say, so he's just been The Octopus until last night. In a stroke of inspiration Jack has given the octopus both a name and a title.

Octopus Prime, leader of the Octobots.

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