Sunday, 22 January 2012

We're in love...


When I picked up Jack from school today he insisted that we search though his bag. There was possibly a buckle in there and it was important that we find it because if it's not in there then it's in my pocket and it's not in my pocket, I just checked it's definitely not there.

So I searched through for him and located the small silver hear shaped buckle.

Amber-leigh gave it to me. She said I can give it back to her tomorrow, she doesn't mind if I keep it until then.
Why did she give it to you?
Because it's shaped like a heart.
As good a reason as any I suppose.
Yeah, we're in love so she gave me a heart. I made her a heart shaped mobilo. (mobilo is a construction set that he favors in school. So much so that they've had to restrict his time in the construction corner.)
You're in love huh.
Yeah, but we're not married. (the marriage is planned for age 6 apparently)

The sparks between Jack and Amber-leigh have started up again after something of a dry spell. Lately she's become a very popular subject again and he's even working on getting her over to our house for dinner.

Upon searching though his bag some more I came across a milk carton cap... When I asked him about it he very casually replied.
Oh that? Billy-erin gave me that a long time ago. (it wasn't in there yesterday) We need to get her a toy for her birthday, she said she doesn't mind a transformer.

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