Sunday, 1 January 2012


Its been a turbulent year. So I thought I'd go through all the pictures I've taken over the last 12 months and write up a sort of slideshow. This is not necessarily in chronological order, it all got a bit confused while I was sorting it all out.

Jack is five. Attending reception full time. Learning to read and write and getting to grips with his numbers.
He's won an award for his model building.
He met Humungousaur...

and Water Hazard.
We attended a wedding. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Wood.
Jack wore a suit... 
On the condition that he could also wear his Iron-Man suit.
We raised butterflies.
Izzy relapsed and had to have a bone marrow transplant. She's doing as well as can be expected. We were hoping she'd be back to school in January but she's not quite there yet but hopefully will be soon.
Jack preforming magic at his party.
We went to the Ben10 monster truck tour.
Jack will tell you that this bird pooped on him. But it pooped on the glove really. 
There were Jellyfish everywhere in Scotland.
He's been Buzz Lightyear...
a transformer...
a snowflake... 
and for a short time. A viking.
We stargazed. It's not a bad picture considering... I took it with my iPhone through a 4 inch telescope with a 10mm lens. 
We attended the funeral of the father of one of Jack's friends. It's a somewhat frightening thing seeing two young children, 5 and 3, suddenly fatherless. The older of the two told me the other day that he still had a daddy you just can't see him anymore, and he stays at home.

We visited Santa at Alton Towers.

and one of his reindeer.
Helen is loving her job and the company, she's been there over six months now. She's also just joined a new band and will hopefully start performing with them soon.

I've developed and released two iPhone apps.
I'm entering my 4th semester, the last of my diploma course. All being well I start the degree portion of my course next.

Here's to a good new year.

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