Sunday, 18 December 2011

The School Play 2011


The time has come again for this year's school play. We filed into the gymnasium expecting five star performances and expert storytelling. I don't know why we always expect this but we do. After all, they've been rehearsing for weeks.

The story was "The Snowman at Sunset." Near as I can tell the story goes like this. It snowed one day and all the children made snowmen, which then melted. Then it snowed again but this time there was only enough snow to make one snowman and all the children fought over who would make it. Then they decided to work together and made a snowman. Then there was a spontaneous nativity scene. All the kids that hadn't done anything yet piled on stage in something resembling the nativity. I guess even a CoE school can't get away with much Christianity around christmas.

Jack was one of the snowflakes, he and five others danced around on stage for a few minutes until they got bored at which point they just stood and waited for the music to end. Jack made it about half way. After that the kids stood up one by one and fired off their lines at varying volumes and levels of commitment. There were more songs then more lines then more songs.

The highlight for me was the snowmen melting song. It's a rather cheery little song along the lines of '10 Little Monkeys' where the 10 snowmen get blasted one by one by the sun. When they got to 6 snowmen I was happy to discover that the snowmen we being shot and their carcasses were being carried off two at a time. It otherwise would have made for a very long song.

I also liked The Angry Song. It's line after line about just how angry the song is. It's a pretty cross song.

After his dancing Jack took his seat and pretended to sing for the remaining twenty minutes. He was sat right behind two of his buddies. One of these boy's father made the mistake, about halfway through the first song, of saying he couldn't hear him. So naturally this boy shouted the songs at the top of his voice for the remainder of the performance. This naturally sparked a competition with the boy next to him... We're lucky we didn't lose one of them, they were looking pretty red in the face and bleary eyes by the end.

Jack had a good time. He wasn't happy with his snowflake part though only because people kept saying what a beautiful snowflake he was, beautiful is what girls are... He also wasn't very happy with having bare feet for the duration of the play. Too bad he has to do it all again Monday for the grandparents.

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