Thursday, 24 March 2011

Shoe Tying

I tied my shoe by myself. You tied your own shoes?
Yeah. See look I tied my shoe real good. I can't tied them with loops like you can.
Apparently whilst at school his laces came untied and he figured he'd resolve the problem himself. Jack learns a lot simply by observing others. I've noticed how intently he watches when his shoes are tied and figured he'd give it a go himself sooner or later.

It was truly a work of art, so I took a picture.

I remember when I was learning to tie shoes. I carried around one of my mom's sneakers for almost two weeks so I could practice. My first few attempts were slightly more spherical than this but just as... tied.

For those of you interested. It took me 134 seconds to untie, and I'm pretty amazing at untying difficult knots.

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