Sunday, 20 March 2011



On Tuesday Jack was told that he was going to be spending the day with his favorite person. Izzy? No. Amber-leigh? No. Oh yeah, Nanny.

Today, we had a visit. Jack has been looking forward to it all week. Last night he got out of bed to let me know just how excited he was that Izzy was coming to visit him. It's been over two months since Jack has seen anything more than a photo of Isabelle. He's misses her terribly.

Izzy's been living at the children's hospital since Christmas. About 3 weeks ago she was sent home as an outpatient but with no immune system she's been more or less kept isolated in her house.

It was like no time had passed at all. They chatted briefly and then Jack set to taking her on a tour of his toys and new play room. They played together and watched Cinderella for nearly 2 hours before she clearly didn't have the energy to carry on.

Within minutes of her leaving Jack started to miss her. Just as well he's going to her house tomorrow.
We get asked about Izzy from time to time. The kids at school ask their parents about Izzy and their parents know that we speak to Izzy's parents more than anyone else, so they ask us. She's a sweet and friendly little girl so all the kids miss her dearly.

She's going back into hospital next week for the the next couple of months and during that time will be in isolation for 5 weeks... Hopefully after this will be the end if it all and Izzy being well will be a much more permanent thing. Get well soon Izzy we love you.

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