Thursday, 3 March 2011

Once Bitten.

Just something I remembered.

We were getting ready for bed. I'd been sent downstairs to retrieve Dylan whom we'd forgotten to bring up.
Be careful Daddy because Dylan is a bit grouchy today.
I was careful, I grabbed Dylan by the scruff of his neck and hauled him upstairs.
After the bedtime story we had our goodnight hugs. Jack took extra long hugging Mommy so I hugged Dylan.
No Daddy, Dylan is really grouchy today.
He seems OK to me.
He's not, he's grouchy, he doesn't want to be cuddled.
Defiantly I gave Dylan a big hug.
...Did he just bite me?
I told you he was grouchy. He didn't like the cuddle. I put Dylan down and cradled my hand. Jack scooped up Dylan and gave him a light scolding but mostly in the form of a cuddle. I did tell you he was grouchy today.
Yes, you did warn me.

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