Sunday, 6 March 2011

Halfway Between and Run and Walk.

A new game has been created called Chase and Seek. As you might imagine it's a combination of Chase and Hide and Seek. Basically one tries to hide whilst being perused by the other.

My only problem with this game is there seem to be a lot of rules and rule changes in this game. Sometimes you can't go upstairs, sometimes you can't hide in certain places. The one rule that's stayed pretty constant is there's no running on the stairs. When you go up or down the stairs you're to walk.

So we were debuting the game the other day. We ran, and we hid and each time we got to the stairs.
No running on the stairs Daddy.

and we run and hide etc...
You don't run on the stairs Daddy.
I know, I'm not.

and more running and hiding.
Don't run on the stairs!
I'm not... I glanced behind and saw that he was much closer than he ought to have been, and he was gaining on me. You're running. No running on the stairs Jack.
 I'm not running... I'm speed walking.

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