Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Out of Nursery into the fire.

Thursday was Jack's last day at Honeybuns nursery. He's attended once a week since he was seven months old, twice a week for a while. For most of his life, Nursery was what he did on Thursdays.

Jack started out as a member of the baby group, then moved to Tweenie and eventually graduated as a Hedgehog... or something like that. All the different groups had names but they changed so often it was hard to keep track.

Jack's time at nursery has been turbulent. For months at a time Jack would cry and sob at the very thought of having to go. Other times he'd be Super Excited. We never got any explanation or really understood why. His experiences there have been mixed. He's been bitten, collided with, smacked and punched. For a number of months we had to sign the accident book to explain away all his various bruises and bumps. I always wanted to put down something like "he was talking when he should have been listening" as a reason just to see what would happen... He's come home with green feet, red hands and various other color/body-part combinations. He's learned colors, several letters, counting and learned several songs and stories. He loves the staff and speaks of them frequently.

Aside from that we don't know much about the specifics of what Jack actually got up to, not from his point of view anyway because he never wanted to talk about it. If we asked him he'd just say Let's talk about it another day. The only information we got was from the staff.

He's made quite a few friends, sadly none of whom we've ever seen outside of the nursery. He's leaving behind good friends such as Libby, Joe and Jack Salvi, none of whom appear to be going to his same school.

So on his last day Jack took in some treats for everyone, said all his goodbyes and now is off to pastures new, school nursery starts in a week.

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