Sunday, 26 September 2010

Her Story

Some of you may have noticed that I left Helen out of the New Beginning post. This was deliberate, Helen actually asked me to leave this out for a while.

That Monday was also life changing for her as it's the first day in the week in which she will learn her employment fate. She was waiting to hear about about a new job.

That's right, Helen in on the hunt for a new job. We found out a couple weeks or so ago that the contract her team works on is not being renewed. Officially she's got a job until December, then who knows. Fortunately she's not under any real threat of unemployment just yet. Her company has a few things going and there's few things about that she's more than qualified for.

As it stands now, she was turned down for a position for which she was a shoe-in but based on the feedback we've had from people who've interviewed for the company involved it's just as well. They don't sound like much fun. They turned down Helen (we think) because of where we live, they turned down a colleague because she wore green fingernail polish. The timing was a bit off too, it would have meet a possible 6 weeks away training and I don't know how Jack and I would have managed having both just started school. Still it's a bit of a downer, that job would have started right away and everything would have been right back to normal, after the training...

So it's all fun and games for us at the minute. Helen is quite stressed, looking for work is a full time job. She spends most of her time on the phone with agencies, updating her CV and such. She's relishing the chance to branch out a little but she's worried too.

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