Sunday, 19 September 2010

A New Beginning.

The day has finally arrived. Tomorrow Jack and I both start school. Well, Jack is going into school nursery but it's more school-like than regular nursery and it's at the primary school he will be attending.

For Jack it marks his transition from toddler into boyhood. From here on out he'll only get more independent, gradual though it may be. Jack insists that he doesn't want to grow up, he's going to be a boy forever but that doesn't seem to apply when it comes to school. He's been there for two trial days and he's excited to go back. We don't know much about what he got up to while he was there. When we ask him he just says, I'll tell you another day. We do know that he's made a new friend, Fin, who is a boy of frightfully similar personality. On the second day they both actively sought each other out for a game of chase.

I'm finally going to start university. I've got fifteen hours of week of lectures and for each one of those hours they estimate three hours of study time. My course is among the more demanding and difficult courses offered by the school and on top of that I've been out of education for 12 years and I wasn't a fan, so I'm in for a bit of a shock. Hopefully the ends will be worth it. In four years I'll have my degree and hopefully my foot in the door to a real job rather than the entry level stuff we un-edjumacated folk are forced to suffer. Lots of people keep telling me that degrees are useless now-a-days, there may be some truth to this but that's only because most people who say this have degrees themselves, the competition is fierce out there. Try being the person without a degree when looking for a job, let me know how well you do.

Today we're heading up to the school to finish enrollment and pick up all my student related paraphernalia. Jack is looking forward to finally getting a real look around my school and I'm looking forward to seeing again some of the students I met at Step Ahead.

So tomorrow marks a big day for our family. It's essentially the start of a whole new world for us, wish us luck.

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