Monday, 6 September 2010

The Movies.

Daddy you know last week when we went to America, we went to a biiiig tv, it was huge.

We went to the movies yes.

I want to go there again some day.


And you know what we can watch... Buzz Lightyear 5. It's the really funny one. They get dropped onto a big truck, then they get dropped into a playground, and then the playground goes *PEWM*.

We took Jack to the movies while we were in America. It was Jack's first cinema experience. We went all out and bought him the kids movie pack, which came with popcorn, sweets and a drink all stuffed into a little box. Jack proudly toted his box into the theater and chose our seats. Jack sat perched on a booster seat with Helen and I on either side and his grandparents behind him. As he munched though his popcorn I answered all of his questions about the theater.

When it's going to be on?

In a few minutes the lights will dim and the movie will start.

What movie are we going to watch?

We're watching the new Toy Story.

Have I seen this one before, last week at Nanny's?

No, this is a new one.

Where's the TV?

That's it right there.

Where I can't see it?

See that big gray rectangle in front of us. That's it.

Wow that HUGE!

Jack's excitement peaked when he noticed the light dimming. He stared at the screen in wonder all throughout the movie. He really got into it. He was sad when the toys got lost, scared when the new toys turned out to be bad, especially the baby, and he cheered at the end.

Helen and I had been worried about taking Jack to the cinema because he's got a very very short attention span. We hoped that the big screen and the concessions would take care of it, and thankfully it did. The concessions only making it about three quarters the way through the film, they only lasted that long because Jack spent much of that time staring open mouthed at the screen. The food being gone didn't make any difference other than him making his way back to sit with Grandma.

We've since tried the theater experience at home, we're lucky enough to have access to a projector. We even made popcorn. But it wasn't the same, about 15 minutes in Jack was off doing other things. I guess when it comes to Jack and the cinema, it's all or nothing.

Jack is anxious to get back to the cinema, he's expressed a lot of interest in seeing Buzz Lightyear 5 and Spider-man 5, those are the best ones apparently. We're just waiting for the next big kids film to roll by.

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