Friday, 20 November 2009

Over a Slipper.

This morning Jack and were sitting in my chair. The time had come to start getting dressed and ready to go to play-group. Jack was complaining that his slipper has fallen off.  Instead of replacing the slipper I figured we'd get started with getting dressed. The conversation went something like this.

My slipper's gone.
That's fine, I'll go up and get your clothes and then we'll get dressed and go.
But my slipper daddy. It's off, look.
I know. Don't worry about it.
(sobbishly) My slipper.

At this point I headed up stairs. Now it took me probably 3 minutes to get myself dressed and gather his clothes, this is some of what I heard while I was up there.

My Slipper daddy. I need my slipper. Daddy? Hurry up daddy. Hurry. Daddy I lost my slipper, look. Why are you taking so long. I need my slipper daddy. Hurry up daddy. Daddy. Daddy hurry. Daddy I need you to hurry up. Hurry up daddy. I want one of those ice creams. Daddy hurry up. My slipper daddy hurry. Daddy your taking a long time. Daddy hurry up. Hurry Up! Daddy!

I finally came back down the stairs to see him sit in my chair hiding under a pillow and giggling, both slippers on his feet.

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