Sunday, 15 November 2009

Happy birthday son, now say aah.

What a day to have a fever. It's Jack's birthday and he's not feeling well.

Last night Helen and I were up with him until after 2 nursing away a spout of bad dreams. Apparently the lady with the big monkey were terrorizing him.

This weekend has been very busy, so the nightmares weren't much of a surprise. He's eaten a lot of sweets and expelled a lot of energy.

In the baby group, three of the boys share November 15th as their birthday. So this weekend has been wrought with parties and junk food. Jack's party was the first, we filled out house with 13 toddlers and their  parents and partied until bedtime. Alfie's party was yesterday, his parents booked  it at a big play place out of town. There was dinner, ice cream, cake, dancing, a train ride and 90 minutes of play time. While the ice cream was being served is when a lady and a man in a giant monkey costume made rounds. Jack enjoyed it at the time but it would seem that it stuck with him.

As if the birthday parties weren't enough Meghan appeared on Friday night and was with us all day Saturday. Imagine Jack's delight when he got out of bed only to find her sat next to me waiting for him. They spent the whole day together talking, playing, fighting. She left Saturday night after helping put Jack into bed. Jack was sad to see her go but ultimately to tired to do anything about it.

So this morning Jack stumbled out of bed 40 minutes later than normal. He mustered up little enthusiasm for opening presents and refused his breakfast. Now he's wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa watching one of his new Ben 10 dvds and drinking a glass of cold milk.

We've given him some medicine which has started to kick in now because he's starting to brighten up. He's finished his milk, and has just placed his breakfast order.

We've got another party, Matthew's, and a lunch with Nanny to go to today so he could really do with getting better soon.

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