Monday, 9 November 2009

I used to have one of those...

One of the more common things we hear from Jack at the minute is little insights to his many previous lives.

I'm not saying I believe in re-incarnation, I mean from a quantum physics point of view it certainly makes sense, but beyond that I don't really give it much thought.

But Jack it seems, has been there before. He started telling us that he used to have things that he'd see in a shop or on TV. I used to have one of those. A BIIIG one, and it went PEWM PEWM
Then it started to change from just what he used to have to what he used to be at the time. When I was a big boy I used to have one of those, and it was BIIIG and it was a fire.

In previous lives it seems that Jack's been:
A Big boy.
A Bigger Boy.
A Bee.
A Doggy. (Possibly more than one.)
A Daddy.
A Girl.
A Monster.
A Guy.
An Airplane.
A Cement Mixer.
A Fireman.
A Ghost.
An Older Boy.

The list of thing he used to own is infinite, so I'll just sum up by saying most of these things were BIIIG and often made noises.

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