Monday, 9 November 2009


Jack has particular tastes. Some of which has developed through his wealth of experience, others just come with being two.

Kisses for instance, Jack has never liked. Occasionally he gets in a kissy mood but at those times he prefers to be giving out the kisses rather than receiving them. A typical goodbye for Jack follows a fairly specific format.

Goodbye Jack, are you going to give me a cuddle?
Yes, but NO KISSES.

Nanny seems to be the only person allowed to kiss Jack, the rest of us have to steal them at our own risk.

More recently Jack has developed an intolerance for babies. We have no idea where this has come from, but it's becoming more apparent every day.
Jack came back from his nannies last Wednesday. They'd spend their day together swimming and going to a play group. Jack has had a number of problems at this play-group in the past and haven't been there in quite a while. There was one child in particular that relentlessly roared in Jack's face that ruined the experience for him.

That evening when Jack came home and told me about his day he had this to say about the play-group.
There were babies.
It seems that most of the kids that used to attend have since moved on to school or other things and a whole bunch of under-one's have taken over.
I didn't like the babies, they kept touching me. I don't like being touched.
Jack reportedly stood up in the middle of the session and shouted at loud as he could. I DON'T LIKE BABIES!

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