Sunday, 17 March 2013

The cutes.

A long time ago, I recommended to Jack that if he put his cutes on and asked nicely, the nice lady at McDonald's might give him a balloon. Since then his cutes have been the occasional secret weapon. Whenever he's got to ask for some good will he unsheathes the cutes to make sure that he's got the best chance. It works for all sort of things from getting free balloons and colouring tools at restaurants to manipulating instructors at swimming lessons.

We've told Jack that he might as well use his cutes while he's got em because as he gets older he'll have to rely more and more on charm and it's not as effective.

Yesterday we were leaving Jack with his Grandad for a couple hours and during their time together, they would possibly be passing out flyers in Stafford city centre. Jack was excited about the flyers and had even researched the subject while at school. Apparently teenage girls are the best at handing out flyers because they can look the coolest... Figured I'd leave that one be, but we did suggest that he perhaps get out the cutes to increase the hand out success rate against those cool looking teenagers.

Jack agreed, as it turns out he's been practicing his cutes and he was happy to demonstrate.

Jack didn't hand out any flyers in the end, so the innocent citizens of Stafford were spared.

Later that day Jack demonstrated the beta version of a new weapon he's been working on. The cools.

Wait there's more.

I think it's hilarious that he has more than one cute.

"The Cool." Build 1.1a.

I call this one, Mirrored Steel.

Subtle change to Red Mercury.

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