Monday, 4 March 2013

Smelly Sprinkles

Jack is difficult to trick. I've remarked on this before. He's naturally inquisitive and well, suspicious of anything you say to him. He's also difficult to tease, mostly because he has a tendency to take whatever your saying literally and he panics if you say it more than once.
These two aspects of his personally contradict each other and make for some good entertainment.

Today I picked him up from school. He's had a new stunt scooter over the weekend and I knew he'd want me to bring it to school so he can show it off and ride it home. I also noted that it was a very nice and warm day which meant that the ice cream man was likely to be strategically positioned outside the school. He couldn't have both purely for logistical reasons so I weighed the options and decided that I'd take some cash for ice cream.

As I walked to the school I planned out a clever little deception/tease. He would almost certainly ask why I didn't bring the scooter and I would give him some vague answer and drag it out until the ice cream truck was just about to come into view. Then I would make some remark about how he wasn't going to have two hands free to ride with and drag that out a bit. It was genius.

Jack came out of class and straight away said
You know you could have brought my scooter.
I know I thought about it but decided on something else.
The ice cream man is here.
... What makes you so sure?
Because you didn't bring my scooter because I would need one hand to hold my ice cream. Yaaay yay. Yaaaaay ice cream.
... I'd love to know why you think my not bringing your scooter means you're going to get ice cream. He might not even be there.
He is, I can smell the sprinkles.

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