Thursday, 28 March 2013

Moot opinion

This morning's conversation:

Daddy today I'm going to play temple run 2 at school. Who should I be?

Are you sure you want me to answer? Whenever you ask me a question like this you always reject my answer.

I don't always.

You do Jack, every time.

Well I won't this time. Who should I be?

Be Guy Dangerous.

No what animal should I be?


What animal should I be in temple run 2.

Be the monkey thing then.

No the monkey chases me what other animal?

There aren't any other animals in temple run 2.

No I can be any animal from any where.

You said from temple run 2. You gave me bad information.

No it can be any animal.

Be a monkey then.

No the monkey chases me. I can't be a monkey too.

Be a spider then.

No a spider would get killed.

I don't know what you want me to say Jack.

I want you to choose an animal.

I did.

A different animal.

This is what I was talking about Jack, why don't you pick an animal that you want.

You know what? I will be Guy Dangerous like you said.

Whatever you want Jack.

No. Finlay can be Guy Dangerous I'll be his dog.

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