Sunday, 1 July 2012

33000 reads around the world


Jack's school are holding a read-a-thon in leiu of the queen's jubilee. They were calling it a reading passport, Jack came home very excited about it. He made sure that we found the passport in his bag and told us that if he read for enough minutes, he could be a diamond reader and get an award. He really wanted to be a diamond reader.

Helen and I reviewed the document and did the math, they had to be joking. The passport was a series of circles that lay out a trek around the world. Each circle represented 500 miles and ten minutes reading. There were 66 of these circles, the equivalent to 33,000 miles. They had until the end of the month.

Helen and I did the math and determined that in order for Jack to be a diamond reader he would have to read a minimum or twenty minutes a day. Getting Jack to watch one of his favorite movies for longer than twenty minutes is a challenge, getting him to read for any amount of time was nearly impossible, because he's not very good at it he gets discouraged and frustrated very easily. Thankfully the promise of honourable mention and an award is about the best motivator that I've ever seen for Jack. He was a boy on a mission.

So here we are, three days until the deadline and this morning Jack handed in a fully completed reading passport this morning. In a few days he will be awarded a diamond reader. Jack is very proud of himself.

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  1. Hurray! That sounds like a kid who is on his way...does finding 98 dinosaurs count?