Sunday, 22 July 2012

For every allergic action.

There's an equal and opposite allergic reaction according to Newton.

While camping at Wickstead park this weekend Jack had an allergic reaction. On Sunday morning he greeted us first thing in the morning with a swollen face that wasn't captured particularly well on camera.

The night before Jack had been asking what things he s allergic to, we proudly proclaimed that he had no known allergies, although he does have very sensitive skin, that's not really the same thing. Shows what we know I guess.

After a lengthy process of elimination we've narrowed it down to the hand soap in the washrooms, the derivative of some local plant, or an undetected bite of some sort. But the reality is that we really don't know what caused it.

The school sent him home on Tuesday, when I picked him up he looked like death, his skin was a weird color, his eyes were red and swollen. The rash had flared up again and he seemed to be lacking in modivation when it came to moving. So it was decided, now that the school was sending him home I figured I shoulda probably have a doctor look at him. When it comes to doctors I'm reluctant, especially when it comes to GPs. It's not so much that I dont have faith in their abilities, which I can't say that I do generally speaking, it's that the best I've come to expect is them confirming that it is exactly what I thought it was. We managed to get him to the doctor finally and he told us that it was exactly what we thought it was and to keep doing what we were doing...

So after a few days of the anti-histamines doing nothing for his rash we took him back to a different doctor. Now that we'd taken him to the doctor once we're mentally dependant on their opinions. Jack's super tough immune system has gotten us used to his almost never getting sick, when he is sick it's hard not to be a little bit panicky about it. That's the problem with having inherited a super-human immune system, only the toughest of the tough get through. This doctor, our official GP, said it was probably viral and that it would clear up on its own... So looks like he's got to fight this commando virus on his own.

So now we're a week on and Jack is looking better but still ill. He's a peculiar mix of anxious and exhausted and has broken out in spots on his face. He's got a sporadic fever, his eyes are still quite red and sore looking his appetite is all over the place and he's just generally not himself.

Get well soon kiddo.
As you can see from the Kung Fu pose, he doesn't look well.


  1. If it's an allergic reaction, it'll get worse every time he's exposed to whatever sets him off. Better bring him over here to see Dr. Murdock...:)

  2. I some times really wish that we could send him to Dr Murdock.
    We're pretty sure it was a virus. It stayed with him way to long for it to be just an allergy.