Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fathers day lunch

A couple weeks ago I was invited to Jack's school to have a father's day lunch with him. I eagerly sign up and counted down the days.

The lunch was good, particularly the pudding, which Jack insists was much better than they normally are. For £2.52 it was a decent meal.

At 12 o'clock the school lobby was filled with dads. I enjoy seeing the other dads. It's interesting to see whose dad has shown up. The fathers are a very diverse bunch, there were lots of tradesmen, many in coveralls clearly having come straight from a job. Some were in suits or business casual. Some were grandfathers.

Watching the kids file in was hilarious.

The year one class arrived in a nice orderly line behind a teacher. She quietly instructed the to locate their respective fathers and take them to the cafeteria. The students quietly obeyed and those whose fathers hadn't turned up yet quietly lined up against the wall by the teacher.

The reception burst through the door like a tribal army. The room was filled with three foot tall savages shouting and crying and killing each other. Jack found me a dragged me to the cafeteria.

While were eating Jack educated me on lunch room edicate, we filed through the very slow line, collected our trays and requested our food, one of the fathers compared it to prison, figures. We chose seats and sat down to eat while Jack talked me around the room.
Those are the lunch ladies and if you have a problem then raise your hand and they'll sort it out. And if you don't like something the they'll make a pile for you. And you can't eat your pudding until they say you can and thats where the hole is in the roof and that's another hole and that's where I stuck the yellow one to the roof. And when you're...
Wait what?
See the green one there, and the yellow one there. I stuck the yellow one there. He pointed to the ceiling where a two small items were stuck to the ceiling. It was quite a high ceiling.
What are they?
Dinosaur Sweets
You stuck it there?
... Why is it stuck to the ceiling?
I just threw it up, and it didn't come back down.
...who stuck the green one?
Finlay: I DID! (Finlay doesn't talk, he shouts as loud as he can)
Did you get told off?
No, the lunch ladies were over there.

The food was good. I've eaten lunch at the school before and found it to be very, very bland. But this meal was really quite nice. I had a chicken and vegetable pie with vegetables and a chocolate rice crispies cake with custard for pudding. The cake was very nice, Jack insists that the puddings are normally that nice, and that once he got mustard instead of custard, but I'm skeptical. After getting permission to eat our pudding we finished our lunches.

What do we do now?
Just follow my lead.

I followed his lead an took my tray to the collection station. The Jack lead me back into the lobby.
Now I go and play and you go home. I want a hug.

I hugged him, he ran off and I found myself alone, so I headed home.

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  1. I agree with Jack. I always suspected they didn't serve guests the same food that they served the inmates...