Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Jack Report


We got into a conversation over dinner that somewhat resembled an interview. I had intended to copy my sister in doing an annual interview with Jack this year but I didn't for reasons that I can't recall or may not have existed.

So here it is.

Jack age 5.
Best friend: Max and Finlay and nanny
Favorite food: Fruit pineapple
Favorite weekend activity:  Go to the beach
Favorite cartoon character:  Scooby Doo
Favorite movie:  Scooby Doo: The Mysteries Begins... but he never wants to watch it because it's too scary.
Favorite meal: Sandwiches
Favorite hot meal: Toasted sandwiches
Favorite animal: Otter
Favorite plush toy: Dylan and Polar Bear and Sharky... strangely not Otter
Favorite chocolate: Toffee... 
Favorite ice cream flavor: Vanilla with marshmallows
Favorite color: Golden
Favorite pie: Apple
Favorite band: The Gorillaz
Favorite song:  TNT and Clint Eastwood 
Favotire pizza topping: Pineapple 
Favorite breakfast: Toffee chocolate kraves... ah now I see
Favorite game.  Smash Potatoes.

Future occupation: A good evil genius / mad scientist
Worst fear: jumping in the pool
Dislikes. Onion salad and tomatoes

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