Sunday, 18 March 2012

Alternate Disney Personalities


We're regular visitors to the Birmingham Sea Life Centre. We have an annual pass this year and Jack loves to see the rays, otters the fish. He's always keen to pet the starfish and crabs or whatever else they've got in the petting pools, today it was a crab and an anemone.

He also loves that I'm a ray magnet. Within minutes of being around the tank some ray starts trying to get out of the tank near me. Jack insists that they want to bite me. I've been bitten, pecked, licked by, crapped on by, etc... by much of the animal kingdom. As far as Jack is concerned the rays got a taste for me when one bit me in Mexico, according to the guides that's never happened before in the history of the world, and now word has spread and all the others want a piece of me too. Jack always get a kick out of my suffering.
Here's one now, practically foaming at the mouth.
We frequent all the sea life centres in the UK. It's become something of a tradition to visit them on our travels, even if we've been to them before. Each one has something that the other don't and even re-visits are always interesting enough to kill a couple hours.
One of out most recents visit was in London where Jack was thrilled to see a tank dedicated to finding Nemo, pretty much all the fishfrom the show, that play nice with others, lived in the tank and were clearly identifiable. Jack ran to the tank and shouting Nemo! Daddy look it's Nemo and... *Gasp* Evil Nemo.

Now Evil Nemo is the number one requested fish to see at aquariums. They didn't have any this time at Birmingham, but I'm sure they will soon.

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