Sunday, 11 March 2012

Broken the bank


Jack has a collection of piggy banks scattered about the house. I don't know how he's managed to acquire so many or where from but they're all full of coins. He fills them practically as soon as he gets them.

He doesn't ever break open the piggy banks. These banks are more like long term savings bonds that he'll open them from time to time, empty the money count it, show it off and then pile it all back in again.

Today he broke one of the piggy banks, the only one in his collection that actually is a piggy. I'm not sure on the details but we'd just got home and when I came into the room it was broken and Helen was consoling him. Jack doesn't keep all these banks because he wants to save the money, Jack unashamedly loves money and doesn't like spending his own if he can help it, it's more a case of a compassion for the banks themselves. They're toys to him and are loved as such, he fills them so quickly because he knows they don't like being empty.

It's not the first bank he's broken acidentally. He broke a Mini Cooper bank of his Grandad's a while back and was very upset that he wouldn't be able to drive it around Grandad's house anymore or fill it with money.

This piggy was one of his own design, he painted it himself so it really is quite a loss for him. Helen eventually calmed him down and sent him upstairs for a bath. As he trundled up the stairs he sobbed quietly.
I miss my piggy already.

Thankfully this piggy came in a box of two, so tomorrow we can paint up the other one.

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