Wednesday, 3 August 2011

TV on the go.

We've been in Scotland camping for almost a week now and Jack hasn't had much access to television during this time. Now I'm not one of these parents professing they minimize their kid's tv viewing to one show a day or anything like that. If Jack wants to watch TV generally he can, if we feel like he's been watching too much we turn it off and thus balance is maintained. 

Lately it would seem however that not even the lack of an physical television can stop him from watching his favorite shows. Today we're having a day in a playground, the beach and the catching a movie. On the way out Jack announced that he would be watching TV in the back of the car. As we drove he sat in the back with his eyes closed and watched Tom and Jerry. Periodically he would break out laughing and give us a commentary of what had just happened.

Tom just jumped on a trampoline and Jerry flipped it and it smashed Tom in the face...
I've got nothing currently to say about cartoon violence. 

He's been doing this for a while now. It started with him pretending that the wind screen In my car was a TV and that we were watching a show about people driving. It didn't seem like a very good show to me but he seemed to enjoy it. Eventually this evolved to him watching full blown Spongebob episodes on the wind screen. I'd get a commentary of what was happening, usually it resembled an episode that we had recently seen on the real TV. Now he watches new episodes though. Often about unanswered questions or things that he wants to see happen on the show. These shows don't always make sense and they often intermingle but he doesn't mind. His mental TV is exactly the shows he wants and how he wants them, presumably in HD, and no adverts. 

Who says TV destroys the imagination?

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