Sunday, 28 August 2011

Magic spells

We've finally successfully introduced Jack to the world of Harry Potter. We tried to get him to watch the films before, I've even attempted to read one of the books with him but the movies have too much talking and the books don't have pictures.
I wasn't terribly disappointed or surprised by his complete lack of interest. Jack is only four and I personally am not a huge fan, I like the characters and enjoyed many of the films but have no plans to read the books.
While on holiday Jack wanted to bring Philosopher's (Sorcerer's) Stone with us to watch in the car. During the second long drive between campsites we suggested the film and Jack agreed. Just a few minutes and he was hooked.
Jack has now taken to casting spells, especially at me. He waves his hands and spouts some Latin, his Latin is very good, and then announces what his spell has done. Most commonly he's either frozen me, or is controlling everything in view. Occasionally he throws fireballs but usually that ends with him changing into Jack the Human Torch and being a superhero for a while.
Despite my not being much of a fan I'm glad Jack can enjoy the story. Children need to have magic in their lives.
And it's a welcome break from Ben 10.

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