Saturday, 12 February 2011

Sleeping noises.


It's regular for us to have mini sleep overs with Jack. This is where after Jack's bedtime story, we turn the lights down and pretend to sleep all in one bed for about 10 minutes. Often little time is spent sleeping at all, usually we end up goofing around until the mini sleep over is over.

On one such occasion Jack and I were on our own for the mini sleep over. We lay there in the dark pretending to sleep when my mischievous side got the better of me and I started making snoring noises. Jack tolerated this for a few minutes and then told me off.  
Daddy. You're supposed to be sleeping...
I am sleeping. *honk shew*
Yes but daddy. You don't make those noises when you sleep.
Sure you do.
Daddy. You don't.
Well what noises do you make?
You just make... You make this noise. *silence... You make that noise. Like this. *silence again. Like that.
Jack rolled over. After a few seconds I started increasing the volume of my breathing until it was a loud wheeze. Jack soon rolled back over impatiently.
Daddy. You don't make that noise either.
Was I making noise?
Yes. You were breathing. You were making a breathing noise. Don't make that noise anymore. He huffed and rolled over again. I plotted my next move. A few seconds passed and before I'd come up with another annoying noise to make Jack suddenly rolled him self over to face me again as if it had just occurred to him what he'd just told me. Keep breathing. You can keep breathing, just do it quietly.

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