Sunday, 20 February 2011

Don't say it to Mommy.

Jack and I have some of our most profound conversations while shopping. While Helen locates all the bargains and chooses the best foods, Jack and I are in charge of the cart. We play and we talk, usually this is when our little teaching sessions take place.

Today Jack was asking for lots of things. He wasn't in the mood for any real conversation. We visited the toy isle as we usually do and Jack had spotted a toy gun that he wanted.

Daddy can I have one of those guns so that I can use it against you. It's nice to always be the first target.
Maybe some day.
Yeah for my birthday because that would be totally awesome.
Totally awesome huh.
Yeah TOTALLY AWESOME! Don't say that to mommy.
Don't say what to Mommy? Totally awesome?
Yeah. Don't tell her to that. Don't.
Why not?
Because she's just say it again and again and again.

Helen and I often muse that the adjectives that Jack uses and more often the methods in which he uses them.
That was a really darn it throw. -meaning that was a great throw.

Often we muse at him and sometimes we use these adjectives when speaking to him. I don't know why we do it, it's just funny I guess. It seems that he thinks Helen over does it.

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