Friday, 18 February 2011

2 years of nifty darn blogs.


It dawned on me today that I've been writing this blog now for 2 whole years.

Every now and then I read through my writings and am reminded of things I've forgotten, like Take This Toy or 2 Tales of 1 Jack.

I started writing things on Facebook notes over Christmas break 2 years ago. I'd been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a while by this point. I finally gave in with the justification that it would be about Jack, not me. Jack was two and I found something amusing in all the little games he was continually making up so I wrote it down in The Games He Plays. It was a great story to start with. Jack still does this. His latest creation is Ghost Cannonball, where I wrap him completely up in a towel, ball him up and toss him on the bed.

He still does many of the things that I've written about and hasn't for a long time done others, like The Barnacles Game. He pretty much stopped playing that the moment I wrote about it.

It's also been a good way of keeping track of events in my own life. While I try to keep this blog all about Jack, I have written a few non-Jack related posts. The drawn out loss of my job managed to make its way into a dozen or so posts. I look back at it now and, man that was drawn out over a very long time. In a few years can look back and see exactly when I started University and what I was thinking at the time. Helen's job loss is recorded and that he finding a new job came right down to the wire.

I've now written over 100 posts. That's 100 unique, or close to it, things about my son that I've had something to say about in just 2 years. I wonder sometimes if I'll run out of things to write and a couple of times I've been pretty convinced that I have, like right now for instance. Somehow Jack always manages to keep coming up with something new and I suppose new experiences will always be coming by. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

The site does alright for hits. I average around 200 hits a month which is better than most other web related things I've been involved with. I've run a lot of web related things over the years, most of which have ended being very self centered ranting boards that I've lost interest in after only a few months. I've currently got a number of other web logs running concurrently to this one but they keep getting set on the back burner as a result. Like a familiar guitar despite all the newer ones I may have, this is always the one I pick first.

I intend to carry on with this blog for as long as possible. With the recent arrival of some new software I'll have some literary experimenting to do over the next few weeks. All in all I've been very pleased with this blog and it's reception, it is my journal, it is my therapy and most importantly, it's served as a good window into and record of the early life of my boy.

Thanks to everyone who reads.

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