Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Sleep Over.


Scott slept over last night.

Both Jack and Scott have been driving their parents crazy about it since it was planned. Scott had been with his grandmother all day. When they got home from their activity Scott started asking when his mother was coming to get him. This carried on for a couple of hour before Jane, Scott's mother, arrived. They explained that he'd been asking for her and they didn't know what was wrong. Communication isn't one of Scott's strengths. Jane called for Scott interested to hear about what was wrong, when Scott ran up to her he asked, Are we going to Jack's now?

Jack had been asking about Scott's arrival for days. Every day we'd had constant, Is Scott coming to stay today? When I wake up in the morning will Scott be here? Is Scott coming after this day? Strangely, the day that Scott was actually due to arrive he was pretty quiet about the subject.

After Scott arrived Jack started started his trademarked toy tour. Scott has been over to our house a number of times and has seen the toys, it's real easy to tell what Scott is thinking by the expression on his face. He wasn't impressed.

Jack is a gracious host, patient and accomodating. He went to length in making sure Scott was entertained and felt comfortable.

Scott, I have a bed but it's not big enough for both of us. So we're going to be sleeping in the spare room which is really big. Now I know you're afraid of the dark so don't worry, I'll be with you and I've got a torch.

They first spent time comparing who'd been excited about the sleep over for the longest. Jack won with having been excited since he was last in America. Jack tried to initiate a game of hide and seek but Scott didn't go for it. So finally Jack settled with instructing him how to play Bakugan. Each conversation seemed to end up in name calling. You look like a head, well you look like a shoulder, you look like a arm, you look like a bum etc... etc... Neither are very good at name calling.

Overall they mostly played with Jack's extensive Ben10 collection. Scott's only recently become aware of Ben10 and was very interested to watch the shows and see all the aliens that he'd not yet heard about. Jack showed of and gave a details description of each alien and even helped narrate one of the episodes.

Bedtime was simple enough, they took a bath that was fill with more toys than water then Helen handled Scott and I handled Jack as we got them into their jammies. They agreed on a story and both cuddled up to Helen for the reading, clutching their chosen Ben10 figures.

The giggled and chatted upstairs. They did eventually get to sleep. It was a couple hours past bed time but it was surprisingly easy. After a couple of quick discussions they eventually just, went to sleep...

The only hitch that we had was at 3am whem Scott woke up and didn't know where he was. He called for mommy until Helen was able to wake him up enough to remind him where he was. After about 30 minutes he was asleep again.

Reading The Gruffalo at bedtime.
In the morning there was breakfast and more Ben10 then Scott left after lunch.

Both boys are exhausted but agreed that they'd had a really good time and are eager to plan the next sleep over.

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