Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sing Songs

Though he won't openly admit it, Jack loves singing. When he thinks no one is listening, or is deeply submerged in a fantasy he will quite often break out into a little song summarizing whatever he happens to be doing at the time such as the Bakugan Jamboree. 'There's a Bakugan there and a Bakugan theeeeere, they're having a Bakugan jamboree.'

His songs don't always rhyme, but they're always pretty melodic. They often come complete with actions and sometimes a little dance. I try to record them but as soon as he sees me get my phone out he stops singing.

Jack has been learning a lot of songs at school, lately they've been to do with Christmas, or the school play. He's a little more open about singing these when there's an audience.

Anyway I thought I'd share one I've managed to get him to perform.

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