Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Grizzly Spout


Jack and I spent an hour at the park for the first time in about 3 months. We've had a fair amount of snow and low temperatures this winter so we've generally avoided such outdoor activities. Jack has missed our trips out and jumped at the opportunity as soon as I mentioned it.

This morning went as usual, we spent 20 minutes on the swings, then went to the big slide, then the ropes, then back to the swing, then to the fire pole, then the swing the through the Grizzly Spout... back to the swings then to the zip line.

Jack briefly climbed through the tunnel. This is a wire frame tunnel that hangs about 5 feet in the air. Jack perfected climbing through it almost two years ago. It seems that today he has titled it The Grizzly Spout. I don't know where he's got the name from but it today he climbed very dramatically chanting.

The Grizzly Spout. Climbing into the Grizzly Spout.

He whispers the word spout every time. It just amused me.

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