Sunday, 5 December 2010

Y? Because we gotta?.. Really?

This time of year is what I've come to think of as the party season. Nearly all of Jack's friends from the play group, and many from school it would seem, were born within four months of each other. The result being a birthday party of some description virtually every weekend between October and December.
Last year I'd personally had enough after about the first three. I'm not hugely social and since we were seeing the same people in the same setting each week I quickly ran out of things to speak to them about.
We all hosted our respective parties in different locations. Some were at soft play areas where the were usually hundreds of children, parents, chaos and noise everywhere you looked. The organisation was weak and the food overpriced. The amount of money some paid for these parties was cringe-worthy when you got right down to it.
Some were held at homes where the only real problem was crowding. None of us have very big homes and once all 30 of us are there it gets hard to move about.
Generally the kids seemed to have had a good time which really is the whole point but I was glad when it was over. Evidence that I wasn't the only one has come through a little bit this year as much more effort seems to have gone into keeping the costs down and such and the parties short.
With that in mind this year has been quite different so far. The parties have been much more uniform mostly in that they've all been held at the same place, Fuzzy Ed's. Basically it's a wacky warehouse around the back of a pub but the kids like it and the parties are ok. One by one we all succumbed to the lure of Fuzzy Ed, mostly due to price, but the food is good, the parties are consistent, limited to two hours and the kids like it.
So far we're about three quarters through party season. We've had even more parties this year due to Jack receiving a few invited from some of his new friends from school, by some extraordinary coincidence they've also been at Fuzzy Ed's. It's an even better scenario for me as since I don't know anyone I have to get through it by being friendly, speaking when I'm spoken to and otherwise sitting in the corner writing my blog on my phone. I bet they're just thrilled that I came along. Helen does much better which makes up for it I think.

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